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    Feeding station

    Feeding station

    發布時間:2017/4/11 19:54:18

    Sui Hing Electrical and Mechanical professional production of feeding station

    【Overview】: When the bag material needs to be bagged and poured into the next process, just manually unpacked into the system, the material produced by the dust collected by the dust collector. Material through the safety screen can be large pieces of material and foreign body to intercept, so as to ensure compliance with the requirements of the particles discharged. The system is suitable for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry in the delivery of small bags, screening and discharge, especially for poor mobility materials for the material and screening, unpacking due to the role of dust fan, you can avoid the material dust Flying everywhere.


    【Equipment structure】: by the artificial unloading warehouse, anti-pressure type feeding platform, under the silo, safety screen, filtration system, dust collection system, backflush system and other components. (Can be customized according to customer needs).

    【Equipment Description】: The use of dust filter feeding console can be achieved during the manual feeding process without dust spill, unpacking the material into the cone inside the cone, spilled dust in the process of being filled with a strong negative pressure air flow, And then by the filter filter to prevent the clean gas through the filter inside the fan and then discharged;

    The system in the course of the process due to the filter for the adsorption of materials will lead to increased filtration resistance, it is necessary to use high-pressure pulse injection pressure on the filter backflush, anti-blow after a period of time after manual manual hand pull valve Backflush (to the right to pull back, the middle of the neutral, the left pull is closed) to reduce or remove the surface of the adsorption of materials, making the fan running resistance is maintained within the allowable range.






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