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    basket mill

    Hydraulic lifting basket grinding

    發布時間:2017/4/11 16:17:08

    Suixing electromechanical production of hydraulic lifting basket grinding machine, is a set of scattered and grinding one for the low viscosity fluid wet grinding, belonging to the intermittent industrial production equipment, grinding basket structure design is reasonable, equipment cleaning color change varieties Convenient; lifting structure using hydraulic cylinder as an actuator, lifting stability, the use of integrated fuel tank, environmental protection without leakage; the machine is multi-species, multi-color products, the ideal grinding products.


    【Applicable materials】: material viscosity below 5000cps, grinding fineness requires a higher or more varieties of materials;

    Such as: latex paint, industrial paint, color paste, water-based ink, pesticide suspensions, ceramic glaze, and so on more than 1,000 kinds of materials.

    【Material characteristics】: viscosity ≤ 5000CPS;

    【Production capacity】: 50-3000L

    【Application】: for biological, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, paint, ink, color paste, dyes, pesticides and other industries product dispersion, grinding.

    Product advantages

    Grinding efficiency, product fineness is good

    The powerful motive can drive the zirconia rod to make the grinding medium in the cavity produce irregular movement, high speed collision between each other, friction, making the powder particle size quickly become smaller; grinding fineness generally up to 5um, some products up to Submicron or nanoscale.

    Easy to operate, safe

    Equipment through the fuel tank as a lift actuator, through the oil pump control grinding device to rise, stop, drop, simple, stable; with different forms of newspaper device, you can quickly fix the grinding barrel to prevent the barrel in the work shift caused by security ACCIDENT.

    Temperature rise, product stability

    The ingredients are equipped with double-layer cooling jacket, water cooling when the equipment is running, play a very good cooling effect, the conventional temperature rise is less than 10 degrees, you can customize the grinding chamber with cooling.

    Non-standard strong

    Can be customized standard explosion-proof; grinding cavity can be customized zirconia material; can be customized vacuum equipment; equipment can be customized for SS 316 stainless steel.




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