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sales specialist
Shenzhen victory through Global Forwarding Co. Ltd. was founded in February 2012, mainly engaged in international export goods transportation service, main business scope: FEDEX, DHL, UPS, TNT, EMS, FBA, international, international air parcel etc..
Due to business development, the Recruitment Clerk, salary negotiable (salary + commission), job description and requirements are as follows:
Job description:
1, familiar with international express business, self-motivated;
2, through the company's sales platform, the development of new customers, maintenance of old customers;
3, through continuous learning, improve their professional level and marketing ability.
Job requirements:
1, junior high school or above, male and female, love the sales industry, more than 1-2 years work experience is preferred;
2 、 have high passion and desire for success in sales, have strong learning ability and excellent communication skills;
3, with market development ability and good customer service awareness, good sense of teamwork;
4, active enthusiasm, dedication, love, good psychological quality, strong ability to resist compression.
Salary: base salary + High Commission
All the members of the team are looking forward to your joining!

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