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    service idea

    Customers can contact us through online consultation, telephone consultation, e-mail consultation, communication tools and other methods, equipment, services or questions required to inform, our sales staff and technical engineers recommended equipment for customers by understanding the various physical properties of materials, customer technical requirements, the cost of investment, the performance of equipment, equipment planning inform the selection, equipment price, and a series of services.

    Communicate with customers, can provide customers with material samples to us, to the incoming test machine in our laboratory to test production, obtain the sample analysis report or test report, and then discuss the results according to specific customers, combined with the configuration we have customers in the industry experience, planning out the optimum design scheme.

    We accompany customers to visit our sample equipment exhibition hall, inspect our production workshop, explain the production process, let the customer to our production scale, product equipment has a more intuitive impression.

    Through early communication with our customers, we provide detailed configuration requirements that equipment quotation and technical drawings, for customer review, to develop the cooperation contract.